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Munich4 °CScattered clouds.Di 16:09:53
New York5 °COvercast.Di 10:09:53
London10 °CPartly sunny.Di 15:09:53
Tokyo10 °CCool.Di 23:09:53

Local Time and Weather Around the World

AccraDi 14:09Passing clouds. Hot.32 °CEdmonton *Di 08:09Frigid.-12 °CNassau *Di 10:09Partly sunny. Mild.24 °C
Addis AbabaDi 17:09Partly sunny. Mild.24 °CFrankfurt *Di 16:09Passing clouds. Cool.9 °CNew DelhiDi 19:39Scattered clouds. Pleasantly warm.30 °C
Adelaide *Mi 00:39Mild.19 °CGuatemala CityDi 08:09Sunny. Mild.17 °CNew Orleans *Di 09:09Partly cloudy. Mild.24 °C
AlgiersDi 15:09Partly sunny. Mild.25 °CHalifax *Di 11:09Low clouds. Chilly.-1 °CNew York *Di 10:09Overcast. Quite cool.5 °C
AlmatyDi 20:09Partly cloudy. Refreshingly cool.14 °CHanoiDi 21:09Mostly cloudy. Mild.19 °COslo *Di 16:09Cool.11 °C
Amman *Di 17:09Haze. Pleasantly warm.25 °CHarareDi 16:09Low clouds.N/AOttawa *Di 10:09Mostly cloudy. Chilly.1 °C
Amsterdam *Di 16:09Passing clouds. Cool.8 °CHavana *Di 10:09Passing clouds. Mild.24 °CParis *Di 16:09Scattered clouds. Cool.10 °C
AnadyrMi 02:09Passing clouds. Cold.-12 °CHelsinki *Di 17:09Scattered clouds. Chilly.1 °CPerthDi 22:09Clear. Mild.19 °C
Anchorage *Di 06:09Clear. Cold.-9 °CHong KongDi 22:09Passing clouds. Mild.18 °CPhiladelphia *Di 10:09Drizzle. Fog. Quite cool.7 °C
AnkaraDi 17:09Scattered clouds. Refreshingly cool.15 °CHonoluluDi 04:09Passing clouds. Mild.22 °CPhoenixDi 07:09Passing clouds. Refreshingly cool.14 °C
AntananarivoDi 17:09Partly sunny. Pleasantly warm.30 °CHouston *Di 09:09Scattered clouds. Mild.23 °CPrague *Di 16:09Passing clouds. Chilly.3 °C
AsuncionDi 10:09Sunny. Warm.30 °CIndianapolis *Di 10:09Partly sunny. Chilly.4 °CReykjavikDi 14:09Drizzle. Fog. Quite cool.6 °C
Athens *Di 17:09Scattered clouds. Mild.20 °CIslamabadDi 19:09Overcast. Mild.22 °CRio de JaneiroDi 11:09Scattered clouds. Warm.26 °C
Atlanta *Di 10:09Mostly cloudy. Refreshingly cool.16 °CIstanbulDi 17:09Broken clouds. Cool.8 °CRiyadhDi 17:09Sunny. Pleasantly warm.28 °C
Auckland *Mi 03:09Fog. Cool.14 °CJakartaDi 21:09Overcast. Warm.27 °CRome *Di 16:09Light rain. Scattered clouds. Refreshingly cool.14 °C
BaghdadDi 17:09Scattered clouds. Pleasantly warm.27 °CJerusalem *Di 17:09Clear. Pleasantly warm.26 °CSalt Lake City *Di 08:09Passing clouds. Cool.11 °C
BangaloreDi 19:39Clear. Pleasantly warm.31 °CJohannesburgDi 16:09Overcast. Mild.20 °CSan Francisco *Di 07:09Passing clouds. Cool.12 °C
BangkokDi 21:09Fog. Hot.32 °CKarachiDi 19:09Passing clouds. Warm.27 °CSan JuanDi 10:09Scattered clouds. Warm.26 °C
Barcelona *Di 16:09Light rain. Broken clouds. Cool.12 °CKathmanduDi 19:54Passing clouds. Mild.20 °CSan SalvadorDi 08:09Passing clouds. Warm.28 °C
BeijingDi 22:09Overcast. Refreshingly cool.14 °CKhartoumDi 16:09Sunny. Extremely hot.41 °CSantiago *Di 11:09Mild.20 °C
Beirut *Di 17:09Scattered clouds. Pleasantly warm.30 °CKingstonDi 09:09Partly sunny. Warm.26 °CSanto DomingoDi 10:09Partly sunny. Mild.23 °C
Belgrade *Di 16:09Overcast. Quite cool.5 °CKinshasaDi 15:09Passing clouds. Extremely hot.34 °CSão PauloDi 11:09Passing clouds. Mild.22 °C
Berlin *Di 16:09Passing clouds. Quite cool.6 °CKiritimatiMi 04:09Passing clouds. Warm.27 °CSeattle *Di 07:09Mostly cloudy. Quite cool.5 °C
BogotaDi 09:09Scattered showers. Overcast. Cool.14 °CKolkataDi 19:39Haze. Warm.31 °CSeoulDi 23:09Clear. Cool.10 °C
Boston *Di 10:09Partly sunny. Chilly.2 °CKuala LumpurDi 22:09Passing clouds. Warm.27 °CShanghaiDi 22:09Clear. Cool.11 °C
BrasiliaDi 11:09Scattered clouds. Warm.26 °CKuwait CityDi 17:09Sunny. Pleasantly warm.28 °CSingaporeDi 22:09Passing clouds. Warm.30 °C
BrisbaneMi 00:09Clear. Mild.23 °CKyiv *Di 17:09Passing clouds. Chilly.4 °CSofia *Di 17:09Fog. Cool.9 °C
Brussels *Di 16:09Passing clouds. Cool.8 °CLa PazDi 10:09Light rain. Low clouds. Quite cool.6 °CSt. John's *Di 11:39Fog. Chilly.0 °C
Bucharest *Di 17:09Overcast. Chilly.3 °CLagosDi 15:09Partly sunny. Extremely hot.34 °CStockholm *Di 16:09Sunny. Cool.8 °C
Budapest *Di 16:09Sunny. Quite cool.6 °CLahoreDi 19:09Passing clouds. Mild.19 °CSuvaMi 02:09Passing clouds. Warm.25 °C
Buenos AiresDi 11:09Light rain. Mostly cloudy. Mild.21 °CLas Vegas *Di 07:09Passing clouds. Cool.11 °CSydney *Mi 01:09Mild.22 °C
CairoDi 16:09Sandstorm. Pleasantly warm.29 °CLimaDi 09:09Low clouds. Mild.21 °CTaipeiDi 22:09Passing clouds. Mild.22 °C
Calgary *Di 08:09Ice fog. Cold.-12 °CLisbon *Di 15:09Broken clouds. Cool.10 °CTallinn *Di 17:09Sunny. Chilly.2 °C
Canberra *Mi 01:09Clear. Cool.14 °CLondon *Di 15:09Partly sunny. Cool.10 °CTashkentDi 19:09Sprinkles. Fog. Cool.15 °C
Cape TownDi 16:09Passing clouds. Mild.22 °CLos Angeles *Di 07:09Clear. Cool.14 °CTegucigalpaDi 08:09Sunny. Mild.21 °C
CaracasDi 10:09Mild.20 °CMadrid *Di 16:09Rain. Mostly cloudy. Quite cool.7 °CTehran *Di 18:39Passing clouds. Refreshingly cool.16 °C
Casablanca *Di 15:09Scattered clouds. Mild.19 °CManaguaDi 08:09Passing clouds. Warm.25 °CTokyoDi 23:09Cool.10 °C
Chicago *Di 09:09Mostly cloudy. Chilly.3 °CManilaDi 22:09Haze. Warm.30 °CToronto *Di 10:09Fog. Quite cool.5 °C
Copenhagen *Di 16:09Quite cool.7 °CMelbourne *Mi 01:09Clear. Cool.12 °CVancouver *Di 07:09Partly cloudy. Chilly.4 °C
Dallas *Di 09:09Mostly cloudy. Cool.12 °CMexico CityDi 08:09Scattered clouds. Refreshingly cool.13 °CVienna *Di 16:09Passing clouds. Quite cool.7 °C
Dar es SalaamDi 17:09Thunderstorms. Partly sunny. Warm.26 °CMiami *Di 10:09Partly sunny. Warm.26 °CWarsaw *Di 16:09Passing clouds. Quite cool.5 °C
DarwinDi 23:39Passing clouds. Warm.29 °CMinneapolis *Di 09:09Clear. Chilly.1 °CWashington DC *Di 10:09Overcast. Cool.11 °C
Denver *Di 08:09Partly sunny. Chilly.2 °CMinskDi 17:09Passing clouds. Chilly.2 °CWinnipeg *Di 09:09Chilly.4 °C
Detroit *Di 10:09Overcast. Chilly.4 °CMontevideoDi 11:09Overcast. Mild.20 °CYangonDi 20:39Clear. Warm.30 °C
DhakaDi 20:09Scattered clouds. Hot.32 °CMontréal *Di 10:09Scattered clouds. Chilly.2 °CZagreb *Di 16:09Passing clouds. Quite cool.6 °C
DohaDi 17:09Sunny. Warm.27 °CMoscowDi 17:09Snow flurries. Overcast. Chilly.-3 °CZürich *Di 16:09Cool.8 °C
DubaiDi 18:09Sunny. Warm.26 °CMumbaiDi 19:39Haze. Warm.29 °C
Dublin *Di 15:09Partly sunny. Cool.10 °CNairobiDi 17:09Partly sunny. Warm.26 °C

* Adjusted for Daylight Saving Time (69 places).

Di = Dienstag, 31. März 2020 (133 places).
Mi = Mittwoch, 1. April 2020 (9 places).

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